In 2020, lower back pain affected 619 million people worldwide and became the single leading cause of disability worldwide. (Source- WHO) Back pain is a common ailment which is experienced by many people and can definitely impact the daily life of a person. Back pain is of certain types such as mid spine pain and lumbago in which you suffer from a sore lower back. This issue can be caused due to various causes such as if you are having a poor posture, doing heavy lifting or underlying certain health conditions.

To eliminate the back pain it has now become important for us to recognize the importance of this severe problem and perform different exercises to get rid of it. Doing daily exercises like butt walking will not only help you in managing the back pain but will also strengthen your back muscles to improve your posture and flexibility. 

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Butt Walk Techniques and Step by Step guide to perform it

Before understanding the benefits of the butt walk exercise, we should know what exactly is butt walk? Butt walk is simple yet effective exercises that specifically target your gluteal muscles which are also known by the name of buttocks. This exercise really helps you engage those powerful muscles while you walk and with that it also builds strength and stability. 

Following are some of the points that explain how can you perform the butt walk exercises:

  • As your starting position you should sit on the floor and keep your legs extended in front of you.
  • After that keep your back straight and maintain a good posture.
  • For execution of the exercise you should place your hands next to your hips on the floor and extend them out in your front.
  • Then, lift your right hip gently and allow your glutes to rise up and after that lower your right hip back down.
  • For more stress you can also do glute band walks. 
  • Repeat this same movement for your left hip and then continue shifting between right and left sides.

When you are doing the butt walk exercises you should focus on engaging your glute throughout your movements , with that you should imagine pulling your glutes upwards as you lift your hips. Always remember to maintain a controlled pace and try to keep your core activated the whole time. You should remember that consistency is key and always aim for 30 minutes to 1 hour of butt walks for at least 3 days so that you can get its benefits.

How is Butt walk Exercises Best for Back Pain

Given below is the list of all the benefits of bum walk exercises that you will get to alleviate that back pain of yours:

1. Engages your glutes

The butt walk exercises are known for keeping those gluteal muscles intact which are known for  supporting that spine of yours. When these muscles are activated they:

  •  Stabilizes your lower back.
  •  Improve your overall posture.

2. Increases your muscle endurance

This is a misconception that butt walking only strengthens your glutes but you should know that it also affects your deeper core muscles. The muscles which are activated by these exercises also give an essential support to your lumbar spine which prevents discomfort and gives stability. 

3. Gives you flexibility

During the butt walks the engaging and stretching of muscles of the buttocks and thighs relieve your muscle tension. By doing these exercises you will get lower back stability and flexibility by doing a healthy range of motion. 

4. Is a cost effective alternative

Butt walk is really cost effective for you because it doesn’t need any fancy equipment and gym membership. You can easily address your back pain with this budget free option. 

5. Improved Circulation of Blood 

When you do regular butt walks it encourages regular blood flow on your back and :

  • It helps in improved circulation of blood which takes care of your spinal tissues like muscles and ligaments.
  • Supports tissue repair and reduces inflammation. 


We hope that you have gotten an understanding that butt walks are as important as any other exercises for your back pain. When you perform this exercise there is no doubt that you will get plenty of relief from your back pain , so work hard and stay healthy. 

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